Brilliant Ways to Wear a Grey Blazer This Season

A two-piece grey suit, blazer, or even shirts never run out of fashion. The fashion police will never arrest you for wearing grey (regardless of your dumb fashion sense). For those who are going out to buy their first suit for an upcoming event, they should not think twice before surrendering to the color grey. If you are from the US, go for gray instead. Get it?

Go Light or Dark?

Depending on the skin tone and your preference, both look amazing at any type of party and perfect for tall guys to wear. Light and dark grey are both raunchy but take a different road. If you want to appear formal and slightly decent (whose decent, right?) in your corporate event, wear a dark grey blazer. Try light grey blazers for casual events like birthday parties, engagement ceremonies, or celebrating an anniversary…of different sorts.

How to Wear the Same Grey Blazer as Different Outfits

Yes, some of us can’t bankroll a new suit after every 2 months. The reason you should get creative with what you already have and it’s not difficult. If you are one of those who don’t buy whole outfits and is smart enough to use the same blazer repeatedly, then carry on reading.

  1. Black Pants with a Grey Blazer


Am I doing justice sharing a Tom Hiddleston’s picture? Of course not! Black pants are my go-to choice and it looks generally appealing to anything you wear. To shine in a grey blazer, wear black pants which can make you look smart, but not in anyway near Tom.


Feel uncomfortable wearing a blazer? Wear a white or black T-shirt to look wild and easy going. Wear projects or sneakers to make the look more relaxed and still called dappered. However, details matter! Wash the shoes once again and wear a wrinkle-free shirt to avoid people calling you a Hippie.

  1. Denim Jeans with a Grey Blazer


Worn it, done with that. Gussied up in blue denim jeans on a dark or light grey blazer. Blue jeans can look does not come under the umbrella of power dressing. However, you see Zac Eff.. here killing it with a well-balanced overall look. Make sure you buy the right type of jeans to appear flattering.


Blue chinos can also give a stylish look for those who hate jeans (which is literally no one on this planet except Monks). You have the freedom to experiment the blue chinos and a grey blazer with tons of T-shirts or Oxford shirts.

  1. Khaki Pants on a Grey Blazer


Put on your thinking caps and imagine for a moment how will you look in khaki pants with a grey blazer. It is, however, less conventional and rare. You don’t need to color your hair blonde for it.


People might look at you more than once to figure out the whole combination, but you can pull it off. Wearing khaki pants with a grey blazer will fall either way in the bucket of try to be formal or ravishingly informal.

Use any kind of accessories with these three-different kinds of outfits. The color grey will never let you down and should be a must buy for every adolescent.





Feeling Edgy, Finding myself in the ocean




Whenever I see myself in the mirror

I don’t feel like a human

I don’t see a person anymore

I see a beast ready to crawl out of my skin

Ripping, tearing apart the rib cage and stand in front all of you

A volcano ready to erupt

Triggering to swallow the atmosphere

I am another entity

I have a light inside me

But it is getting dimmer day by day, second by second

What’s holding it on?

Why it comes back to remind me of who I am?

Can’t I get lost into the new branch lurking away from the previous me

Can’t I erase what I believe all my life?

It’s out of my hands now

He has started his journey

He is finished getting warmed up

He has been born

Created by all of you

This is natural selection for me

This is the real soul

This is who I always wanted to become

A trademark, a sign, a symbol

A lightning everywhere, every time

A notion making its mark

What to Wear to Your Job Interview



This is got to be the easiest and rapidly answered question. A suit or wear formal.

Yes, it is.

But, does it have an impact on the interview?

Can it make you seem indifferent from the other candidates sitting and getting ready to shine in front of the employer?

It solely depends on the type of position you are interviewing for.

A dancer cannot wear formal clothes and a person applying for a managerial position cannot wear jerseys (looks gross by the way).

Remember that bull-crap “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”.

Are we seriously not going to think about dressing like a bartender and embarrass ourselves in an interview, which is supposed to be the most important step when it comes to starting your career with flying colors.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

The first step is to consider first where are you applying (company, studio, museum).

Speaking from personal experience, I don’t think twice about my outfit before going for an interview or investing an hour of my time on clothing.

Many of my colleagues are extremely concerned about their apparel before an interview, but I believe in verbal abilities instead of decorating myself with every expensive piece of clothing I do not own.

Although, don’t disregard the possibility of impressing the employer with your clean and formal outfit.

Enter the Room with Boldness: How can you do that? Despite knowing that the people who are going to interview you are way more qualified and skilled than you in every aspect (scared yet). A proper set of clothing not only elevates confidence but can make you appear as a professional person. All the employer sees in an ideal candidate is his/her attitude and the aura he/she can bring into the company (positive vibes kid). So, skills are one of the factors. A checkered blue shirt, oxford shoes, and black pair of jeans would be great for any kind of formal or casual interviews.

Never Outshine the Master: Wearing a double-breasted suit! This is all I can think of if someone tries to over-dress. You were meant to look like a person who wants to earn money, learn from others, or take the company forward with his/her intellect. Not someone who works ONLY for an hour every day and stays on his/her cruise for the rest of the day. I don’t really mind if a person wears a double-breasted suit. If you are going for a position as a fashion designer or an artist, it can add character to your personality. MAD MEN, aren’t we? Wearing a suit for the interview can make you look boring (I didn’t mean to say that, but yes you are dull). A gray suit, WITHOUT A TIE, and black shoes. If not, then go for a more casual look with your shirt tucked inside and the belt matching the color of the shoes (It’s important).

Don’t ponder upon standing out from the crowd: Work on your personality as a whole, which is a function of how you dress, talk, sit, shake hands, (eat with your legs) and the type of clothes you look good in. If you are not going to an audition or for a role in the upcoming movies, then you don’t necessarily have to wear a hat, a scarf, a red suit, or pajamas. Work more on your way of speaking, presenting your skills in a transparent way, and then worry about your outfit (The other way around). But, do not ignore the importance of wearing exceptional clothes on your interview. With exceptional, I meant a light blue shirt, white pants, and brown/black shoes.





Why Do You Need to Dress up like a Whacko often



Those expensive clothes won’t help you any good in the long run.

Many celebrities go out of their way to seek attention.

Some go transparent, but there are many other ways you can appear frivolous and attractive at the same time.
It is easy for you if you are confident and want to rob the spotlight in a get-together.

Fashion has become the second most used word nowadays.

Whether you want to add an accessory or want to wear bizarre clothing, it’s your choice.

I personally wear eccentric T-shirts with a blue pair of jeans and it can get the job done.

Watches are necessary to wear. Watches are to men like heels are to women. Classy of course.

You don’t have to invent a new pair of clothing to stand out in the crowd. A few addendums it takes to shine in a dullard and glittery event.

1. Walk with a Poise

When I say “Confidence” I mean really you must be soaking wet with it.

You can’t be shy when you are wearing a tiger print and letting others laugh on you (don’t wear tiger print, like never).

The first step to outshine others is to stay more poise.

You must stream at the highest level if you want to become eye-catching.

Fill yourself with electricity and throw the WOW factor at everyone.

2. Be Ready to Stand Alone

If you are going as the whacko or as the person for whom people to see what now he or she has worn this time, then stay as strong as a statue.

Comparing to yourself to a statue means being versatile and upright.

Walk with a confident stride so no one can sway you away.

It is better to look provocative and glamorous instead of hiding in the shadows.

3. Don’t be a Maniac

You can overdress, but don’t mess it up and wear every jewelry or accessory you can find.

When it comes to fashion, you must appear unique and carry yourself with a fascinating posture.

I am not telling you to grab everything and experiment until you get it right.

Wear something you are afraid of trying.

This is the best suggestion for introverts. You will feel quite different after trying a new dress.

4. Buy a Bold Color Shirt or Printed Ones

When I mentioned the word whacko, you must be thinking I am suggesting something out of this world.

A bold color like yellow, pink, or orange is excellent if you want to look trendy in the summers.

Many people are hesitant of wearing a printed shirt in the fear of looking informal.

There are a variety of prints you can try which looks graceful and are popular too.

If you want to take a step further, then go for a stitched suit with checkered prints on it.

5. It’s Fine to Look Weird Sometimes

There are no fashion police around to tease you and make you go into a shell after your failed attempt at looking fashionable.

It’s better to look whimsical instead of looking like a 60-year old boring person.

Don’t shy away from going beyond your usual apparel and selecting the best style which suits you.




Medications Are Not Safe

Medication and drugs cannot save our lives anytime. That’s a pretty stupid statement to say. But, if you are familiar with Placebo Effect, you can understand what the title is about.

You take a sigh of relief when waiting for the doctor at the hospital. The same feelings happen when you see a person who you like. He or she can be a family member, friend, or your significant other.

In Japan, the bones of adolescents became too weak that it tends to break while walking. Sounds strange right? It turns out the Japanese was consuming rice which contains higher amount of Cadmium in it. But how? The rice farms have a a canal system which was fed by mine water. The cadmium transfers from mine water to the rice farms.


Asians and rice are not a perfect match anymore.

Diseases are not the problems, but our perception of it which can make the condition smooth or disastrous. You choose it.

Have you heard of Doctor Who? The crazy scientist traveling around galaxies in his telephone booth. He said and I quote “Always try to be optimistic and hope for the best when encountering a problem, but when the truth comes out then believe the worst.


It has a clear meaning that if you meet a person with a big smile (less awkward of course) the next time he or she will meet you with a spark and a beautiful smile on his or her face. Happiness have an affect on people. Okay it can be fake, but blood flows more when you are laughing your socks off.

If a person depends solely on drugs, then it can have a negative effect. Don’t try to act like a saint or a lonely Buddhist and leave medications even if a doctor prescribes it for you. Just be stubborn and say No to medications for every small disease. Most of the recovery depends on your attitude and spirit.

Why You Should Limit Your Medications?

Drugs in large quantities can harm our physical health. If something is in excess or a reduced amount in our body, then it takes a toll on our body. Supplements and drugs on a regular basis can weaken our core strength. That doesn’t mean in any way you should disregard it completely. Just realize that is an advancement in medical sciences. We are living and surviving for centuries. How’s that for motivation? Food for thought!


The never-say-die attitude, mind-boggling sometimes yes, but it works wonders. Sink or swim baby. Put that choice in front of you and see the magic happens. Just a few addendum in your daily routine can turn the tables over.

Does Supplement Overdose Have a Negative Effect?

The answer is Yes. It can bring a preposterous change to our bodies. See below to see the effects of supplements on our body and mind. Here is the list of different types of vitamin supplements people consume which ruins the health more and heal less. They are indeed water and fat soluble, but if you consume it for longer periods then it can become harmful. The alternatives are also mentioned for you to take the easy way out.

  1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A supplements if consumed in excess will make your bones weak and liver. It can have a horrible effect, especially on children. It increases the chances of lung cancer in smokers.

Alternatives: Eat potatoes (not fried, but cooked), green vegetables, mango, or tuna fish.

  1. Vitamin B

It may lead to ulcer, gall bladder diseases, and in some cases jaundice. It can cause narrowing of the blood vessels.

Alternatives: Dry fruits, green vegetables, eggs, and whole grain foods.

  1. Vitamin E

You will tend to die at a faster rate if the amount of Vitamin E increases in your body. How’s the serenity?

Alternatives: Almonds (dry fruits mostly), green vegetables, papaya, and olives.

What Is a Balanced Diet?

A balanced diet contains carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fats. You cannot wipe out one single nutrient even if you are trying to lose weight. Remember, everything in its right order will be beneficial for your mind and body. The battle between vegetarians and meat lovers will continue so on and so forth. You should focus on your own health and future. There are a few steps you can take to feel healthy and strong.

Drink a gallon water: It does sound impossible task. A gallon is less than 4 liters. Many doctors recommend 8 glasses of water to drink every day. What can it do?

  • Detox your body and flush out toxins from your body
  • Helps you eat less food
  • Encourages you to lose weight
  • Prevents several diseases

Exercise thrice a week: No need to head to the gym and throw money on the monthly fees. There are simple ways to exercise on your own. Run or jog in a park (treadmills work too). Yoga or skipping ropes might do the work. Try swimming every now and then for a change. Here’s how it can help.

  • Reduces mental stress and help you focus
  • Sweating will release unwanted material in your body
  • Helps you lose weight
  • Prevents bacterial diseases

Make a fruits salad on weekends: You can drain all the supplements in your sink if you are willing to eat fruits and vegetables. The health benefits are as follows:

  • Contains healthy fibers and are inexpensive
  • Reduces chances of stroke and heart diseases
  • Best way to make red blood cells
  • Keep your cholesterol level in check
  • Less risk of developing kidney stones

So, it all comes down to how long you want to stay in this world. As a friable self-crushing (soon to be dead) person or a mentally strong one who is ready to climb mountains. There is a famous saying which deeply reflects the physical conditions in nearly all people.

“A person’s health is reflected by two things he or she takes in a day. The pills or the stairs.”

Bottom Line: Multi vitamins have little or no benefit to our body. Just a money-making sound business. Another example: In supplements folic acid is present, which helps prevent cancer and heart rate. But, too much folic acid leads to prostate cancer.

FYI: Veggies have won this time. Their health choices are better than yours.






6 Awesome Shirts You Need to Buy

You must be probably thinking why 6? I can discuss 5 too, but most of the people work on Saturdays. If you trash at parties instead of working, then it can give you an idea what to wear.
I hate trying to sort out my what should I wear to work every single day. Hectic! Tiring! Don’t stress out. Often I wear the same clothes twice, but when you are going out to impress the world, then put a little effort.
The best thing to do is to pick out the shirts you need to wear on Sunday, so you don’t have to worry too much. Weekdays are tiresome. Your energy gets sucked out when you come home from work. The reason you can plan the whole week, which can make things very easy.

Ready to make your coworkers jealous? Here are the top 6 shirts you must buy to shine and walk like a celebrity on a red carpet.

1. Plain Blue Shirt


When I say plain, that means no prints or shades of different color or worse a brand name lurking out on the front. This is the first rule of thumb. Keep it simple (I know I encourage overdressing, but still). If you want to make your shoes or accessories to stand out, then focus on a plain blue shirt.
Wearing a printed shirt with all the accessories can often make you look like a 10-year old using all his crayons to make clouds (You get the picture right).

Pro Tip: Don’t go for cheap ones. Invest in a branded blue shirt once, so it doesn’t look faded after you wear it a few times only.


2. Black Printed Shirt


Two things you will find in a black printed shirt, which are elegant and magnetism (Yes, in a clear meaning attraction). Black will never go out of fashion. Trust me on this.
Remember all the mysterious and charming people wear black (Vampires and celebrities).

Honestly, if you don’t like the color black, then imagine yourself wearing it. You will rush to the store and get one. That’s a guarantee. Unless you are thinking about that thing.

I have a similar shirt like the one this ginger.. I mean this lad is wearing. It is very important to blend a black printed shirt with your jeans or pants. For instance, black jeans will make the shirt more visible (Don’t forget the rule: Being simple). You can also wear it with blue Denim jeans.

Secret Sauce: Avoid wearing it with white because very few people can pull off that look and I am not one of them.


3. Checkered Shirt (White, Blue, or Red)


Checks look amazing when you wear a suit or go for casual meetings. There are many different varieties of check that you can wear. I try to experiment with several colors. It’s astonishing how a simple and old format can still make an eye-catching style.
You can wear bold or light colors based on the way you like or the occasion. If you want a rough look, then don’t button the shirts and wear a white T-shirt underneath. Wear blue or beige colored jeans with it.

NEVER wear checkered shoes with checkered shirts. I adore checks but don’t want to end up looking like a creepy Japanese model. Checks are great. You have to pick one. Go for shoes or the shirt. Your call!


4. Dark Green Shirt


This is very underrated if you ask me. A full-sleeve dark green shirt with blue jeans is the go-to winter style. People who live in countries where the weather doesn’t make up its mind can choose to wear a dark green shirt.

It gives you a masculine touch with a sense of exuberance which no other color can match (I am not exaggerating… Okay maybe a little bit)
If you are not in the mood for a shirt, then go for a crew neck or V-neck shirt with white shorts. Change the style depending on the type of weather or your mood. Green is my personal favorite color. Not many people like green, because of the uneasiness.


5. Go Neon -Pink or Yellow Shirt

The first time I watched Rafael Nadal wearing pink, I thought how exquisite it can look when you wear it when going to the beach or even at work. You don’t need to buy a tailored shirt, but need vibrant colors to wear often. It can seriously brighten the mood.

I have both of the colors and wear it from time-to-time. Don’t think too much about accessories if you are wearing these colors (See how good the lad looks without even wearing a watch).
The first thing which for a jaw dropping and the Instagram friendly look is wearing watches with your every outfit. So don’t forget one.

If you feel like your co-workers will call you a candy while you outshine them by wearing pink or yellow, then save it for Saturday night club crawl. You don’t want to appear boring when you go out with your friends or significant other on weekends


6. Printed Shirts


Call me crazy, but I have fallen in love with printed shirts this year. I will share one Instagram photo, to show my love for prints. I adore wearing printed shirts and already have quite a collection too.
You can go on any road you want with prints. Even you can make custom shirts on order if you like a certain print or style. Like the one this guy is wearing, prints go best with a white pair of jeans.

Magnificent Tip: Don’t think twice before buying printed shirts. Even if you feel confused about the style, just let go with it. Bottom Line: The less you think about whether to buy printed shirts or not, the better.




How to Look Like a Hunk after Wearing White Pants

Doesn’t it feel amazing when you look like a person who shines on the streets. Wearing a white pant with literally anything on can make you look Mr fantastic. Top of the world really. I recently bought a pair of white denim jeans and already thinking about many ways to style it with shirts and suits. Here are the top 5 ways to use your classy white jeans with different apparel to look dapper.
1. Plain light pink shirt and brown or beige color shoes

That is one skinny guy, huh? But, a pink shirt contrast with white can instantly make you look like a magnet pulling glamour towards your side. A plain pink shirt with white jeans makes you look stunning and neat. You can either wear a lighter or darker one, according to your skin tone. In the summer, I would prefer to wear a lighter color to get rid of extra sweat. Wear a long sleeve pink shirt even if you are flashing in the office. If you are wearing a half-sleeve shirt, then don’t forget a nice watch for a more sturdy look.
2. Grey Sweatshirt with white sneakers

Wear a long sleeve gray sweat-shirt if you want a formal touch. A V-neck if you love half sleeve shirts. He doesn’t want anyone to see his face, so focus on the clothes. Try slip-on shoes or white sneakers with a gray sweatshirt for the perfect summer fashion. A gray shirt should be a must buy for every man who wants to have a casual and elegant look at the same time. You will look more masculine wearing a half sleeve shirt even if your muscles aren’t popping. Then again, wear bracelets or an athletic watch if you are wearing a half sleeve gray shirt with a white pair of jeans to look eye-catching.
3. Blue shirt with vibrant color shoes or go with the simple black ones

Man Do I love the color blue or not you ask? The answer is Yes and it looks super great at almost every event. There are lots of people who don’t think they can pull off a classy gentleman look because of their wearing patterns and personal vendetta. But choose a simple navy blue shirt for a stylish presentation all over. You can wear a brown suit over it if you are going to business meetings or attending a formal event. Wear dark colored Plimsolls or boots based on where you are heading for rock and roll.
4. All white attire

Hate the game, not the player. I know it’s not easy to pull off an all white outfit even the shoes. The world is changing and you need to step into something new to look visible. A must wear if you are attending a wedding or your friend’s engagement. You can wear a white shirt only or top it off with a white coat too. Remember, it is better to overdress than under dress. It is one of the trendiest looks, especially in the summer season. Consider you are walking on the red carpet with an all white apparel. You feel like a king already, don’t you? The best thing about an all white apparel is you can wear literally shoes of every color and it will look extravagant.
5. Grey coat with a white shirt

The number one reason for me to buy a white pair of jeans is to try this look. I am dying to wear a gray coat with my white pants and shirt for an upcoming event. I will share some of the photos on my Instagram too. For those of you who are hesitant to wear an all white dress can add a gray coat to their style. I love how the designer matches the color of the coat with the shoes. This is one of the best use of colors I have ever seen. However, the right pair of brown shoes can also add beauty to your wardrobe.
Pro tip: Don’t wear white pants on a beach (Yes, you already know that I know, but just in case). Wear white shorts instead if you fell in love with the color white. Wearing or washing it every week can make it look faded and you have to rush and buy a new pair in every two months. Save it for special events or parties unless you are Pablo Escobar.

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