Eight years ago when I was in school I use to swim every weekend at a nearby pool. The reason of my tall built and athletic nature. I am just showing off. Sometimes the water used to make our eyes burn, I remember asking the guide and he always end up telling me It’s filtered. How can you filter hundreds of gallons of water with our pleasantries in it.

Then a while back we started opting for bottled water instead of the tap one. One should not trust the wobbly pipelines and of course polluting of the water. It shows filtered but what really is this wizardry! It’s just the mixing of chemicals to joust the harmful things.

Bottom line is the water does not become filtered, you decreases the bulk of deteriorating duds.  That is where this enigma struck me and I can easily grasp the meaning of it. If I lessen the wrong influencing people from my social circle, I can be filtered too. That is the basic standard you can set for ‘everything’.



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Rain Makes You Shiny Not Wet!

There is something about rain which changes people, moves them in some sort. An enigmatic feeling regarding this city in particular. If traveling or sight seeing, all the people looks like colors in a painting. Each color has its own story, has its own idol, has its own ambitions. Some want to tuck their kids in bed at every night, some want to sleep below the never ending sky like a coyote, some struggling to make ends meet.

Human interaction is a talent! I will call it magic though, pure magic. Just a few words exchanged with an individual and his exaggerated experiences will leave blueprints in your life. Psychologists use a term “Empiricism” which means gaining knowledge by experiences. It will not make you an overnight oligarch  but soothes life. Rain has that affect on people in this city. They are willing to help, smile, feel free to break their self worn shackles.

A city which is caste-ridden, polyglot, egoistic; that one atomic glimmer of shine is always hidden. Oppressed societies have creative thinkers as they rise above the problems engulfed and changes the algorithm. Others seem them as aliens but in their world they are nothing more than normal. There is an Arabic proverb ‘Avoid the sea as he who enters it is lost and he who comes out of it is a newborn. Really! a newborn. Fragile people have strong ozone around them. They do not allow any juggernaut to enter it. Everyone in this city wants to live like a king. If one challenges it then it shall looses it. You ease into it layer by layer. Its not sine qua non.

For some people the blueprints of others leaves a shining scar on their hearts. As a result they become more social, often forcefully. Introverts are accused of living an easy life accustom to luxuries. They are not, trust me.They listen to the music playing. The quieter you become the more you can hear. The more you read the living dancing in their own world. Giving away your turn at the hospital to another coughing or bread with a homeless young one at a hotel are traits this city needs. It has to be revived. These are not sacrifices; humans should cherish it enjoy it even. We are in a competition where we choose who wins by stepping on the inferiors or turn our faces away from the idiosyncracies of others. This is a madshow. Consider your life as a story. Become your own writer. Love your life, talk to random starngers. Take pictures because after you die people will forget. Take your life and make it the best story in the world.

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Do not throw away the iPhone 4s yet


Apple stands tall in the face of capitalism. All those analyst tweeting (making fun) about the 45h president of the United States from their iPhones have one thing I common which is superiority. This is the single most aspect every other smart-phone owner looks at before throwing some hard earned cash.                                                                                                   The clone wars which is between two giants Apple and the rest of the android phones will not be ending anytime soon. So let’s start explaining why would a sane person opt for an iPhone 4s.

  1. SIRI

Your very own digital butler. Apple was the first company to launch the built-in voice task manager. It is super cool too. Why you ask? Take a look at some the features that single handedly Siri can perform.

  • Ask Siri what’s the song thats playing on the radio or in a restaurant & you will never have to fret about it.
  • Teach Siri who are your siblings. You can add other relationships like spouse, brother, mom.
  • Set your alarm using Siri. Just ask him politely to wake you up at six in the morning
  • Call or text someone by just calling out his name. It’s that simple.
  1. BODY

The metallic body is a sleek design. Fun fact, the screen is made out of the same glass which is used to make windows of a helicopter.. Whoa! Ironman. In simpler words, you will have to smash it a dozen times to break it nonetheless. There are two things that people will love about it.

  • It is thinner than the previous IPhone 3G.
  • The body is made of stainless steel which is very resistant to corrosion, rust or stain.

The people at DXO mark who are obsessed with cameras, lenses and image quality have scored closer to 72. While the camera itself have built-in filters. You can chose a filter then take a shot. A time-lapse feature is also present. Switch your camera to time-lapse mode and start recording your videos. Add location to your photos. The most important aspect of the camera is you can re-save your deleted photos too. You were angry at Dylan yes but the picture was fabulous. You open the recently deleted folder then tap recover. Way to become friends again.


Video calling is the present and the future. This is something only iPhone owners can cherish. This video calling app is hands down the best feature for the corporate people, to make their lives easy. You gotta try it out.