Medications Are Not Safe

Medication and drugs cannot save our lives anytime. That’s a pretty stupid statement to say. But, if you are familiar with Placebo Effect, you can understand what the title is about.

You take a sigh of relief when waiting for the doctor at the hospital. The same feelings happen when you see a person who you like. He or she can be a family member, friend, or your significant other.

In Japan, the bones of adolescents became too weak that it tends to break while walking. Sounds strange right? It turns out the Japanese was consuming rice which contains higher amount of Cadmium in it. But how? The rice farms have a a canal system which was fed by mine water. The cadmium transfers from mine water to the rice farms.


Asians and rice are not a perfect match anymore.

Diseases are not the problems, but our perception of it which can make the condition smooth or disastrous. You choose it.

Have you heard of Doctor Who? The crazy scientist traveling around galaxies in his telephone booth. He said and I quote “Always try to be optimistic and hope for the best when encountering a problem, but when the truth comes out then believe the worst.


It has a clear meaning that if you meet a person with a big smile (less awkward of course) the next time he or she will meet you with a spark and a beautiful smile on his or her face. Happiness have an affect on people. Okay it can be fake, but blood flows more when you are laughing your socks off.

If a person depends solely on drugs, then it can have a negative effect. Don’t try to act like a saint or a lonely Buddhist and leave medications even if a doctor prescribes it for you. Just be stubborn and say No to medications for every small disease. Most of the recovery depends on your attitude and spirit.

Why You Should Limit Your Medications?

Drugs in large quantities can harm our physical health. If something is in excess or a reduced amount in our body, then it takes a toll on our body. Supplements and drugs on a regular basis can weaken our core strength. That doesn’t mean in any way you should disregard it completely. Just realize that is an advancement in medical sciences. We are living and surviving for centuries. How’s that for motivation? Food for thought!


The never-say-die attitude, mind-boggling sometimes yes, but it works wonders. Sink or swim baby. Put that choice in front of you and see the magic happens. Just a few addendum in your daily routine can turn the tables over.

Does Supplement Overdose Have a Negative Effect?

The answer is Yes. It can bring a preposterous change to our bodies. See below to see the effects of supplements on our body and mind. Here is the list of different types of vitamin supplements people consume which ruins the health more and heal less. They are indeed water and fat soluble, but if you consume it for longer periods then it can become harmful. The alternatives are also mentioned for you to take the easy way out.

  1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A supplements if consumed in excess will make your bones weak and liver. It can have a horrible effect, especially on children. It increases the chances of lung cancer in smokers.

Alternatives: Eat potatoes (not fried, but cooked), green vegetables, mango, or tuna fish.

  1. Vitamin B

It may lead to ulcer, gall bladder diseases, and in some cases jaundice. It can cause narrowing of the blood vessels.

Alternatives: Dry fruits, green vegetables, eggs, and whole grain foods.

  1. Vitamin E

You will tend to die at a faster rate if the amount of Vitamin E increases in your body. How’s the serenity?

Alternatives: Almonds (dry fruits mostly), green vegetables, papaya, and olives.

What Is a Balanced Diet?

A balanced diet contains carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fats. You cannot wipe out one single nutrient even if you are trying to lose weight. Remember, everything in its right order will be beneficial for your mind and body. The battle between vegetarians and meat lovers will continue so on and so forth. You should focus on your own health and future. There are a few steps you can take to feel healthy and strong.

Drink a gallon water: It does sound impossible task. A gallon is less than 4 liters. Many doctors recommend 8 glasses of water to drink every day. What can it do?

  • Detox your body and flush out toxins from your body
  • Helps you eat less food
  • Encourages you to lose weight
  • Prevents several diseases

Exercise thrice a week: No need to head to the gym and throw money on the monthly fees. There are simple ways to exercise on your own. Run or jog in a park (treadmills work too). Yoga or skipping ropes might do the work. Try swimming every now and then for a change. Here’s how it can help.

  • Reduces mental stress and help you focus
  • Sweating will release unwanted material in your body
  • Helps you lose weight
  • Prevents bacterial diseases

Make a fruits salad on weekends: You can drain all the supplements in your sink if you are willing to eat fruits and vegetables. The health benefits are as follows:

  • Contains healthy fibers and are inexpensive
  • Reduces chances of stroke and heart diseases
  • Best way to make red blood cells
  • Keep your cholesterol level in check
  • Less risk of developing kidney stones

So, it all comes down to how long you want to stay in this world. As a friable self-crushing (soon to be dead) person or a mentally strong one who is ready to climb mountains. There is a famous saying which deeply reflects the physical conditions in nearly all people.

“A person’s health is reflected by two things he or she takes in a day. The pills or the stairs.”

Bottom Line: Multi vitamins have little or no benefit to our body. Just a money-making sound business. Another example: In supplements folic acid is present, which helps prevent cancer and heart rate. But, too much folic acid leads to prostate cancer.

FYI: Veggies have won this time. Their health choices are better than yours.






6 Awesome Shirts You Need to Buy

You must be probably thinking why 6? I can discuss 5 too, but most of the people work on Saturdays. If you trash at parties instead of working, then it can give you an idea what to wear.
I hate trying to sort out my what should I wear to work every single day. Hectic! Tiring! Don’t stress out. Often I wear the same clothes twice, but when you are going out to impress the world, then put a little effort.
The best thing to do is to pick out the shirts you need to wear on Sunday, so you don’t have to worry too much. Weekdays are tiresome. Your energy gets sucked out when you come home from work. The reason you can plan the whole week, which can make things very easy.

Ready to make your coworkers jealous? Here are the top 6 shirts you must buy to shine and walk like a celebrity on a red carpet.

1. Plain Blue Shirt


When I say plain, that means no prints or shades of different color or worse a brand name lurking out on the front. This is the first rule of thumb. Keep it simple (I know I encourage overdressing, but still). If you want to make your shoes or accessories to stand out, then focus on a plain blue shirt.
Wearing a printed shirt with all the accessories can often make you look like a 10-year old using all his crayons to make clouds (You get the picture right).

Pro Tip: Don’t go for cheap ones. Invest in a branded blue shirt once, so it doesn’t look faded after you wear it a few times only.


2. Black Printed Shirt


Two things you will find in a black printed shirt, which are elegant and magnetism (Yes, in a clear meaning attraction). Black will never go out of fashion. Trust me on this.
Remember all the mysterious and charming people wear black (Vampires and celebrities).

Honestly, if you don’t like the color black, then imagine yourself wearing it. You will rush to the store and get one. That’s a guarantee. Unless you are thinking about that thing.

I have a similar shirt like the one this ginger.. I mean this lad is wearing. It is very important to blend a black printed shirt with your jeans or pants. For instance, black jeans will make the shirt more visible (Don’t forget the rule: Being simple). You can also wear it with blue Denim jeans.

Secret Sauce: Avoid wearing it with white because very few people can pull off that look and I am not one of them.


3. Checkered Shirt (White, Blue, or Red)


Checks look amazing when you wear a suit or go for casual meetings. There are many different varieties of check that you can wear. I try to experiment with several colors. It’s astonishing how a simple and old format can still make an eye-catching style.
You can wear bold or light colors based on the way you like or the occasion. If you want a rough look, then don’t button the shirts and wear a white T-shirt underneath. Wear blue or beige colored jeans with it.

NEVER wear checkered shoes with checkered shirts. I adore checks but don’t want to end up looking like a creepy Japanese model. Checks are great. You have to pick one. Go for shoes or the shirt. Your call!


4. Dark Green Shirt


This is very underrated if you ask me. A full-sleeve dark green shirt with blue jeans is the go-to winter style. People who live in countries where the weather doesn’t make up its mind can choose to wear a dark green shirt.

It gives you a masculine touch with a sense of exuberance which no other color can match (I am not exaggerating… Okay maybe a little bit)
If you are not in the mood for a shirt, then go for a crew neck or V-neck shirt with white shorts. Change the style depending on the type of weather or your mood. Green is my personal favorite color. Not many people like green, because of the uneasiness.


5. Go Neon -Pink or Yellow Shirt

The first time I watched Rafael Nadal wearing pink, I thought how exquisite it can look when you wear it when going to the beach or even at work. You don’t need to buy a tailored shirt, but need vibrant colors to wear often. It can seriously brighten the mood.

I have both of the colors and wear it from time-to-time. Don’t think too much about accessories if you are wearing these colors (See how good the lad looks without even wearing a watch).
The first thing which for a jaw dropping and the Instagram friendly look is wearing watches with your every outfit. So don’t forget one.

If you feel like your co-workers will call you a candy while you outshine them by wearing pink or yellow, then save it for Saturday night club crawl. You don’t want to appear boring when you go out with your friends or significant other on weekends


6. Printed Shirts


Call me crazy, but I have fallen in love with printed shirts this year. I will share one Instagram photo, to show my love for prints. I adore wearing printed shirts and already have quite a collection too.
You can go on any road you want with prints. Even you can make custom shirts on order if you like a certain print or style. Like the one this guy is wearing, prints go best with a white pair of jeans.

Magnificent Tip: Don’t think twice before buying printed shirts. Even if you feel confused about the style, just let go with it. Bottom Line: The less you think about whether to buy printed shirts or not, the better.



How to Look Like a Hunk after Wearing White Pants

Doesn’t it feel amazing when you look like a person who shines on the streets. Wearing a white pant with literally anything on can make you look Mr fantastic. Top of the world really. I recently bought a pair of white denim jeans and already thinking about many ways to style it with shirts and suits. Here are the top 5 ways to use your classy white jeans with different apparel to look dapper.
1. Plain light pink shirt and brown or beige color shoes

That is one skinny guy, huh? But, a pink shirt contrast with white can instantly make you look like a magnet pulling glamour towards your side. A plain pink shirt with white jeans makes you look stunning and neat. You can either wear a lighter or darker one, according to your skin tone. In the summer, I would prefer to wear a lighter color to get rid of extra sweat. Wear a long sleeve pink shirt even if you are flashing in the office. If you are wearing a half-sleeve shirt, then don’t forget a nice watch for a more sturdy look.
2. Grey Sweatshirt with white sneakers

Wear a long sleeve gray sweat-shirt if you want a formal touch. A V-neck if you love half sleeve shirts. He doesn’t want anyone to see his face, so focus on the clothes. Try slip-on shoes or white sneakers with a gray sweatshirt for the perfect summer fashion. A gray shirt should be a must buy for every man who wants to have a casual and elegant look at the same time. You will look more masculine wearing a half sleeve shirt even if your muscles aren’t popping. Then again, wear bracelets or an athletic watch if you are wearing a half sleeve gray shirt with a white pair of jeans to look eye-catching.
3. Blue shirt with vibrant color shoes or go with the simple black ones

Man Do I love the color blue or not you ask? The answer is Yes and it looks super great at almost every event. There are lots of people who don’t think they can pull off a classy gentleman look because of their wearing patterns and personal vendetta. But choose a simple navy blue shirt for a stylish presentation all over. You can wear a brown suit over it if you are going to business meetings or attending a formal event. Wear dark colored Plimsolls or boots based on where you are heading for rock and roll.
4. All white attire

Hate the game, not the player. I know it’s not easy to pull off an all white outfit even the shoes. The world is changing and you need to step into something new to look visible. A must wear if you are attending a wedding or your friend’s engagement. You can wear a white shirt only or top it off with a white coat too. Remember, it is better to overdress than under dress. It is one of the trendiest looks, especially in the summer season. Consider you are walking on the red carpet with an all white apparel. You feel like a king already, don’t you? The best thing about an all white apparel is you can wear literally shoes of every color and it will look extravagant.
5. Grey coat with a white shirt

The number one reason for me to buy a white pair of jeans is to try this look. I am dying to wear a gray coat with my white pants and shirt for an upcoming event. I will share some of the photos on my Instagram too. For those of you who are hesitant to wear an all white dress can add a gray coat to their style. I love how the designer matches the color of the coat with the shoes. This is one of the best use of colors I have ever seen. However, the right pair of brown shoes can also add beauty to your wardrobe.
Pro tip: Don’t wear white pants on a beach (Yes, you already know that I know, but just in case). Wear white shorts instead if you fell in love with the color white. Wearing or washing it every week can make it look faded and you have to rush and buy a new pair in every two months. Save it for special events or parties unless you are Pablo Escobar.

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How to Put down Your Fear of Hiking



The laziest people do hiking. It sounds like a motivational pill but consider it as a reflection of someone’s journey. I remember the first time I was told that we have to go on a field trip to study. It was more like a torture alarm for me. I play football and swim, but neither of the traits fits me being outside causing blisters on my feet. We wear shoes, but you get the picture. I was not born for hard work and certainly not when the weather gets rude and burns every layer of your skin.
The sun has always been my enemy. I started getting migraines and feel my head turn into shambles whenever I walk under the sun. The only time I go outside is if something is important or when I have to run errands.
The whole idea of hiking (field trip) was not a good sign for me. Although I am athletic and have more energy than my peers (I keep telling myself that), but I wasn’t sure about it. I was curious to see the landscape with my own eyes and touch the huge sandy ridges. It is tiring and bone crushing when you have to walk and hike at an arid place. Friends were a good company after all. We want to make it more like a fantasy adventure for us rather than a trip to boredom planet. Think of it as an outdoor activity where you take several photos and go home tired.
I hate hiking at first because the professor wanted us to take notes. But then it donned on me. I started to see a different side of this whole trip. The hardships of being a geologist especially when you are bad at it. We start trudging from the side of the road and towards the enormous ridges fluttering with sand and cobblestone. The noise of sand moving into the air was like a soft whistle.
The reason I am sharing these thoughts because it was the only things I noticed while I was there. I wasn’t hiking to study. I went there because I was curious and wanted time out from the technology driven life sucking every bit of energy out of me. I wanted a different perspective or a little spark to ignite my dead brain.
We started climbing many small ridges and hilltops which were hard and cause dehydration abruptly. It was brutal, especially when you hate the scorching sun raining down havoc on your head. After a few trips, you get habitual of it. At least I did. I always think of our field trips as a way to escape out of my busy life to get bored. When you hike at any place the atmosphere is ghost-quiet, which really excites and calms me down at the same time. There is no traffic or the excruciating pain of watching TV. You can feel the wind and gets one step closer to nature. Even the houses were a mile away by far.
The best life changing thing about hiking is it grabs you away from the worries and the crushing bubble of life. It allows you to feel alive like a gallant warrior who just won a battle. Tangles you into a sense of the wonderful place. I think that is what I seek. I embrace loneliness (introvert alert) because it can give me the energy to restore balance in my life. To imagine me outside the world of chaos and dullard ideas.

Sunshine in fall forest
During hiking, you can listen to the facinorous wind going through your body and shaking you. You can sit down at a centuries old rock and absorb all the things you get to see. You can see the rocky structures, the shadow of clouds waving past several ridges, or feel the quietness that melts you away. Not everyone thinks that way. You have to become more observant of the fact that there is more to life than wasting time with things we can’t touch or feel. The treasonous and poison filled electronic devices will manipulate you to the core. Why let a machine take over your decisions.
It was a trip to freedom land. Hiking can take you to a different place and change your frame of mind. The model in your brain will fight with you to remain unchangeable. Shackles are strong. Most of the people need boredom to become creative or think about their life. Some are extroverts who need a companion to get or feel better. Hiking is like magic. If you embrace loneliness and personal space, then hiking can cascade you down into thoughtfulness. You can imagine being top of the world. See yourself as a traveler, like you are in an exotic place. Whenever you go for hiking. A place where you stride alone and pledge to return as a different person.

Why There Is So Much Hype about Game of Thrones?



Game of thrones is one of the most popular TV shows nowadays; which is about kings, queens, battles, betrayals, and the fight for becoming the ruler of all seven kingdoms. So what is the hype really about? I first heard about this show when I was reading A Song of Ice and Fire. It is based on a series of novel written by George Martin. The author has created a remarkable world of fantasy filled with 10th century castles, kings, Lords, kingdoms, and dragons. Yes a cliché but there are dragons. I personally like the books because it has more plot holes and you can paint the picture any way you want. The directors, however, have done an amazing job to make the story visually correct and exciting.

There are names of many places which might confuse the viewers, but the author has created his own history. He has created a whole new world of politics, battles, and dragons. Most of the people like the show because it feels nostalgic and thrilling to watch. It is like the similar scenes which you can see in any other movies. Obviously it includes magic and people coming back from the dead. The show will force you to choose sides, which is not the case if you are a reader. There are more plot holes in the books. The show lingers on the fact that every king or queen wants to become the ruler of all kingdoms and sit on the throne made of steel swords.

There is a fascinating thing about the ruling. People may abuse the power or don’t know what they will do after becoming a ruler. But this is happening in the real world too. Every other country fights to become more powerful than the other. Insanity about becoming powerful will not end. You can feel it in the series that every person wants more than he or she had in the first place. I don’t hate or love the show personally. I find it amusing and see the episodes just because I have read the books. The thing I like about is the rich history of characters, plots, and amazing scenery (Go to New Zealand). Most of the people like the number of killings, which happens in every other episode. People may die of stabbing, poisoning, or by betrayals.

People watch it because the directors throw a lot of money to depict the centuries old era of kingdoms and rulers. People like watching murders, betrayals, and rulers making a bad decision. Fantasy is a genre I rarely touch, but the whole criteria of ruling a little too overwhelmed. It is entertaining and has a little something for every type of people. Some may find the killing horrible, but like the dresses they wear. Some may like the dragons, and feel disgusted to see people burning. Many people like the show because they want to do the things and visit the places shown on the series. The whole idea of fantasy is it takes you to a whole new world full of ecstasy. Sometimes it plays with your emotions. People have become so advanced that they tend to go back to feel like a human being again. They want to feel like what it takes to become naive and adaptable at the same time.

If you are watching it for the first time, then it may surprise you with a plethora of characters and death. People tend to get emotional when it comes to watching a famous TV series or a movie. But, it is an ordinary show for me in the world of fantasy (It is addicting however). More and more people are starting to watch the seasons. But, the final battle is yet to some. Humans vs the dead. Every other great movie or TV show has something big planned which amazes the viewers and keep them glued to the screens.

There is too much violence (action) and number of deaths that makes it even more thrilling. As the major characters in the show gets killed or stabbed in a flash. Speaks more abut the brutality of old age rulers than the cannibals of modern society. The best thing about GOT is it’s not boring at all and there is too many stories to catch on to. I still hate the hours long discussions with friends and colleagues on the episodes.



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The Heretics by Will Storr (Book Review)


This is the book review of a nonfiction book called The Heretics which was written by Will Storr. It was truly an eye-opener and the experiences were exciting. It is a fascinating book and can shake the foundations of every religious person. The writer talks about several different experiences he had with influential people around the world. The writer is a journalist so he talks to many people which are known to change the life of millions through their beliefs and power. The whole book lies on people’s faith, religion, belief, and our objective in this world. He asks stern questions and sounds more like an atheist than a believer. Sometimes he gets in a quarrel over a difference of opinions when taking an interview. But, in the end, he keeps and open mind and ends up learning new perspectives instead of being stagnant under his own cloud. I admire every single chapter of it and highly recommend for people who are looking for answers on the purpose of humans in this life. It is a great read and can shatter your core values if you are purely religious. Think of it as a chicken soup and read a few pages every day to consume it slowly. This book lies parallel with free thinkers and revolutionists.

4 Stylish Things Every Man Must Have in Their Wardrobe

I have always credited my friend for looking like a junkie although he outshines me at every major event. Hate him for that! Though he is a careless loser, he has some magic which he pulls off every time he dresses to look like a normal human being. The alchemist formula which turns garbage into gold.
People living in Mars knows about it and so should you. You need to buy a suit. If you don`t have one you have to sell your car, your house, your wife I don`t CARE! Just get one. Always go for the stitching, it can make fat guys like my stupid friend look slimmer too. A full Italian for starters. The color can.. WAIT A MINUTE…did I hear you say black? Enough with the craze for Jackie`s Tuxedo. Go for a navy blue or gray color suit. Strangle the tailor if he messes it up, don`t come to me for help afterwards.
FUN-FACT: Beckham always wear tailored suits. (I just made it up Really!)

If I were you I would smash my screen.. but.. but stay with me I know what you are thinking. Chinos are STILL in fashion if and only if you match it with your skin tone and the color of your shirt. It looks super cool on a white shirt. Irrespective of the fact that it must be a half sleeve shirt or a full one. The first time my friend wore it I accidentally spilled coffee on it. FYI It was not an accident.
SPOILER ALERT: Do not go for red unless it suits you.

When you look at a car the first thing you notice is the WHEELS. Same goes for my junkie friend. People notices his Jordan`s which takes them away from his yellow foul teeth. Brown boots are my personal favorite. The Timberland’s! which is an iconic construction. It has inspired music and art or Vi berg Service Boots which is more classical and have a cap toe. This is an advice you must have heard a million times but your lazy self won`t nudge. Invest in good shoes and you can make yourself look elegant.

You must be calling me a crazy NOW. It`s fair for you to say it, I mean you already know that right? I will specifically talk about getting a white tailored shirt. My dumb junkie friend wears it on his suit, chinos, jeans, shorts, undies (that came out wrong) BOTTOM LINE: You can pull it on every piece of clothing you prefer. It is versatile, just make sure it looks clean. Another important thing which most of the people ignores completely is buying a CHEAP white shirt, You my friend are not cheap ,A MISER PERHAPS, but not CHEAP. It will show its true colors and I really meant it. ITS TRUE COLORS, looks faded which turns off your whole look